Spigen Glass Screen 9H iPhone6

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Spigen Glass Screen 9H iPhone6

Don’t sacrifice the touch experience of real glass. The GLAS.tR SLIM™ for the iPhone 6 (4.7”) is specially made with reinforced tempered glass. The rounded edges deliver a more precise fit and prevents chipping from daily use. The 0.4mm thickness and surface hardness of 8~9H provide premium protection without sacrificing the “gliding” feel of oleophobic coated glass. There is no loss in touch screen sensitivity as the silicone adhesive leaves virtually no space between the screen and the GLAS.tR Slim.

Surface hardness : 8~9H : Three times stronger than regular PET film. Even sharp objects such as knives and keys will not scratch the GLAS.tR SLIM.
Oleophobic Coating : The GLAS.tR SLIM has an oleophobic coating that prevents fingerprints and other contaminants and makes the glass easy to clean.
Anti-Shatter Tempered Glass : If broken, the GLAS.tR SLIM cracks into small pieces that are held within the film. They are not sharp, making it safer than other glass products.
Due the iPhone 6 (4.7") having a curved display, the GLAS.tR Slim is shaped to fit the flat part of the display to prevent lifting at the edges.
Compatible with Apple iPhone 6 (4.7”) Only  – 2014

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